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Produced and Engineered by Robyn Marie 

Mixed and Mastered by Ron Dazo

Words, music and arrangements by Robyn Marie

Guitars by Luc Hébert

Drums on The Fans & the Fools by Mike Shawcross

Get a Little Closer

Break all you see / Make a scene / Feel my heartbeat / Why won’t you talk to me?

How can I fall to pieces when you need me? / Human nature might be the enemy

Get a little closer

Keep lovin’ me / Don’t think I’d last a day without your smile / Let’s find a way to stay a while

You’re mad for me / There’s no escape I’ve got you in my hands / I’ve got a plan to keep you ever by my side

I won’t regret the day we met / I feel into your hands / The mess we made / The warm embrace / Stay a while

The Fans & the Fools

Clock keeps ticking / World keeps spinning ‘round

And never does it quit / You got the fans and the fools to notice you

And you never call it quits / You got the part you always wanted

Never found it was enough / Forget the final bow before the curtain falls

And if you find the weight is too much / Shed a layer or two / Whatever you do / Don’t let the ground break through

Define the rouse / Outline the rules / The room is filling up for you / They’ll never know you hardly cared at all

And if you find the weight is too much / Shed a layer or two

Or let the ground break through / Never hurts to pray the fame away

The palace lights are lit / The party’s on


Up on my feet again / Can hardly see straight / Can’t find my feet but it’s only one more day

Well it’s no secret that I’m a good liar / I’m stubborn and wild / And you know it

No wonder why / It’s how I see it / When all my fears remind me 

I’m godless in my ways / Now I’m heartless and unafraid

Can’t shake this feeling / Where has the time gone?

Oh he said to me / “Nothing is wasted, Just watch me work it out”

But how will I feel it / When all my fears remind me / That I’m godless in my ways?

Afraid I’m awfully lazy / And godless in my ways / Now I’m heartless and unafraid



Oh little vicious seed / A man in black, he came to me / And he knocked me out cold

I’ve got some fight in me / Although he spoke so carefully / I can’t heal that quickly / Oh little vicious seed

I’ve been drinking from the fountain / Always thinking I was someone to die for / I’ve been breathing in the toxin

Now I feel a little uneasy / A little birdie told me

“You gotta walk through the fire to get it, you gotta walk through the flames”

I invited him to come and sit / I thought he’d never leave

You gotta walk through the fire to get it, you gotta walk through the flames

Miss Fortune called me to me / But I couldn’t get past him / She promised the world to me / But I can’t could outlast him

Now I’m rollin with the fringes / Won’t someone give me something to die for / I’ve been breathing in the toxin


Wait 'til the wind subsides / I can’t pick all at once all the things I hate

Falling into numbers and wasting away / Pulling all the stops to make history

Well I’ve felt the sharp pain inside / Held back and pulled apart at times

Call it fate or the end of the line / It’s time that you clean up this mess while I hide

I could hide / Out of sight and out of mind

Sit, take a rest / Live in constant day dream / Take a hit, make it last

“Putting in the time can make everything right” / Pulling all the stops to make history

Turn not your face away / All this to break me? / When all is said and done / All this to break me?

Special Thanks

This album wouldn’t be possible without the love and support of so

many people in my life. To my family, thank you for encouraging me

to pursue music, and for being my biggest fan. To my friends, thank

you for cheering me on and keeping me sane during the highs and

lows of this process. Special thanks to Michael Shawcross for showing

me how to make sick beats, to Rylan Martin and Clay Bolen for lending

me gear, and to Ron Dazo for your help with mixing and mastering this album.


Most of all, thank you to my loving and supportive husband, Luc, who stayed up

late with me while I wrote and recorded this album, for helping me learn and

troubleshoot when things went wrong, for putting up with my mood swings

when all I wanted to do was quit, and for not letting me quit.

Thank you for the long car rides while we listened to numerous mixes and

for caring about this album as much as I do. I love you.

- Robyn

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