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Robyn Marie

Robyn Marie has been singing and writing music since she was a teenager. Born and raised in a small town in Southern Alberta, Robyn was encouraged from an early age to pursue music in various forms. Robyn eventually found her niche when she began private voice lessons. She has since studied music in college and began writing and recording music with her husband Luc. Their first project released together was a DIY "2012 Project", which was comprised of 12 songs having been recorded and released, one at a time, each month.


Now residing in Edmonton, Alberta, Robyn Marie has set up her home recording studio where she spends her time putting ideas into words, and words into music. Robyn has released two EP's: her debut solo EP, "Hide", and her latest follow-up EP, "Alien". Robyn Marie's music combines a world of electronic soundscaping with delicate vocal medodies, punchy beats and piano rhythms.


Some of her musical inspirations include Sucre, Kye Kye, The Japanese House, City and Colour, Sufjan Stevens, and Joy Williams.


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